“Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen carefully.”
—Littlefoot’s mother, Land Before Time

I use a person-centered philosophy, believing that my clients have insight and inner wisdom, some of which they have yet to tap. A person-centered approach asks you to be open to learning from new experiences and is based on the belief that most people have a natural yearning and ability to grow to their fullest potential.

I believe that work and life become more meaningful when one’s creativity is nurtured through the expression of a person’s unique gifts, talents, and perspectives. In the coaching process, I use intuition and empathy combined with a structured interview process to help my clients develop clarity about goals for enriching their work and life.

I support authenticity, candor, and connecting to one’s deeply held values. I constantly ask myself, “Am I guiding this person to unfold, and grow into his or her greater potential?”

Whatever your goals may be, you may be feeling that you could live a fuller life. Discontent, setbacks, conflicts with other people, or a yearning for something more may be signs that it’s time to change your personal or professional life. Coaching is a tool used by many people to get perspective on their goals, refresh their values, and secure assistance in making changes.

Coaching is a vehicle for life-long learning. The process fosters self-reflection and provides an opportunity for you to make deliberate choices about the way you interact, work, learn, and grow. It encourages a proactive perspective, helping you to visualize alternatives and then make conscious choices that support a more fulfilling life.